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Dikesh B Patel, CPA, graduated from Gujarat State University with a degree in Accounting and Auditing.

 He obtained his license as a Certified Public Accountant in 1990 in the State of Kansas, and a New Jersey CPA license in 1997. Dikesh B Patel possesses many years of experience in the areas of Accounting, Federal, Multi State  and Interational Taxation.

In today’s environment, where businesses of all sizes are operating at a global level, international tax compliance is paramount. Businesses operating at a global level need to be mindful of many issues including transfer pricing rules which are gaining increased attention from tax authorities all over the world.

The rules surrounding transfer pricing issues in different countries varies in complexity. Dikesh B Patel has helped numerous businesses, US and International, in complying with these regulations

 In the current economic climate where Federal and State agencies are facing financial crises, tax revenue has become an increasingly important source of revenue. As a result, tax enforcement has heightened the level of tax compliance and defense for businesses.

Dikesh B Patel has defended numerous medium and small businesses in their tax position and has helped reach amicable resolutions with taxing authorities.

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Member of NJCPA, AICPA

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